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Cody Johnson Stops Concert To Help Ailing Fan

Video of Cody Johnson stopping his concert to help an ailing fan was posted to TikTok Sunday (February 18th).

A clip posted by user Trinity Johnson showed the country star pausing his show to say, “Can we get some medical attention down here on the front row please. This is not a Travis Scott concert. We will stop to help people out.”

The comment made reference to the rapper who was on stage during the Astroworld Festival on Nov. 5, 2021 when 10 people died as concertgoers crashed into the stage.

Johnson continued by calmly calling for someone capable of providing medical help and added, “This is about you. This isn’t about me. So we’re going to stop to take care of this young lady.”

The video did not make clear where the concert took place, but his most recent Leather Tour stop was on February 17th in Jacksonville, Florida.

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