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Luke Grimes Says New Album Is Very Personal

Luke Grimes has released his debut self-titled album of 13 songs and he co-wrote 10 of them. On May 17, he’ll release a vinyl version of the record.

Before entering the music industry, he already had a successful career with acting and now he can tout over 105 million streams of his songs. 

We talked with Luke about his two careers and he told us how he sees the difference between them:

“The music is way more personal and it’s my words coming out of my mouth most of the time versus someone else’s.  And the job here really is to let people in to the point where maybe they can relate and realize that it’s not – you know it’s not just them.  We’re all human and we all go through things.  And that’s the kind of music that I’ve always liked and the stuff that has always been important to me has been stuff that made me feel like we’re all kind of in this together.” SOUNDCUE :31

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