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Josh Ross Releases New EP

New artist, Josh Ross has released his EP, Complicated.
Out of the eight songs, he co-wrote seven of them, including the one you’re hearing on the radio, “Single Again.”

So far, he’s tallied more than 370 million career streams and has been named an Artist to Watch by Spotify, Amazon Music, and Pandora

We talked to Josh about his new EP and playing the songs live, he told us this: 

“I’m still in the early ages of the new artist thing and trying to really let people get to know me, and I just look forward to kind of taking people on the journey of like this is where I was when I started songwriting, and this is the first song I wrote and this is when I went through this phase. I think a lot of people can kind of go on that rollercoaster with me of okay, this is a really fun song and we’re partying to this on a Friday, and then now we’re emotional and going through stuff on a Tuesday, and that’s just me as a person. My mom’s always joked that I’m a Gemini and I try to bring that into my shows – there’s two different sides to the emotions, and yeah, just give everybody a packed full show of different stuff.” SOUNDCUE :32

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